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Attaching Documents to Fax Messages

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Attaching Documents to Fax Messages

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The RelayFax Server has the ability to extract attachments and fax them automatically. For example, it is possible for you to send an email message to the RelayFax Server which contains an Excel or Word document as an attachment. The RelayFax Server will extract the document, invoke the associated application to print it and then fax the resulting image. Any number of separate attachments can be attached and faxed in this manner.  Page breaks within any given document will be honored and cause multiple pages to be faxed.

When you send a fax through an email message and not through the printer driver, the text of your mail will be placed in the comments section of the cover page if the cover page exists and the length of the text of your message is less than 1000 characters.  However, page breaks within the body of the email message will be honored and cause RelayFax to generate multiple faxed pages rather than just a cover page.

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