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Compose Fax

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Compose Fax

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The Compose Fax dialog is used to enter information relevant to individual faxes. This dialog appears when you click "Compose a new fax..." or one of the scanning options on the RelayFax Client's shortcut menu. It will appear automatically each time that you print to the RelayFax Printer Driver.

This dialog contains six panes:


On this pane you will specify the fax number, the subject of the fax, the recipient's name and company, and any comments that you want to appear on the cover page.

Cover Pages

This pane allows you to specify what cover page (if any) will be included with an outbound fax.

Send Schedule

Used for scheduling a specific date and time that the fax should be sent.

Scan Image

Used to acquire a document from a scanner or twain device for faxing. For other options see the Scanner Settings pane on the client's Properties dialog.

Attached Documents

Use the settings on this pane to attach documents to your fax. If the RelayFax Server has Attachment Faxing support enabled, each attached document will be converted to a faxable image format and sent as additional pages. Attachments will also be listed here when you use the RelayFax Printer Driver.

Advanced Options

Used for designating a priority setting for your fax. This pane also contains a control that governs whether or not a confirmation will be returned to you when your fax is delivered.