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Advanced Options

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Advanced Options

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This pane is used to specify the email address to which fax images will be mailed and other properties associated with sending the fax.

Faxing Options

I want confirmation that this fax was sent properly

Click this checkbox to request that RelayFax send you a confirmation notice when it has successfully transmitted your fax. Ordinarily RelayFax would only send a message to you if it could not send your fax.

This feature will only work if the RelayFax Server has been configured to honor these requests.

I want a copy of this fax attached to the confirmation message

Click this option if you want the confirmation message to have a copy of your sent fax attached to it. This control will not be available when the "I want confirmation that this fax was sent properly" control is cleared.

Send Priority

This control if for designating a priority value for your fax. The order in which RelayFax will send faxes is determined by each fax's priority value 0 is the highest priority and 100 is the lowest. Higher priority faxes will always be sent first. If this control is left blank then RelayFax will assign the "normal" priority value of 50.