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Attached Documents

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Attached Documents

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Use the settings on this pane to attach documents to your fax. If the RelayFax Server has Attachment Faxing support enabled, each attached document will be converted to a faxable image format and sent as additional pages.

Attach These Documents To This Fax

This list shows the currently attached documents.


Click this button to remove the selected documents from the list.


Select a file from the list and then click this button to open it.

Add This Document

Type in the path to the document you wish to include with this fax.


Click here to add the specified document to the list.


Click this button to acquire a document from your default TWAIN device.


Click here to select a document to include with this fax.

Convert documents to TIFF format before sending

Click this option if you want the client to convert the documents for you before sending rather than letting the fax server convert them.