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On this pane you will specify the number to which you want the fax to be sent, the subject of the fax, the recipient's name and company, and any comments that you want to appear on the fax's cover page.

Fax Specifics

Fax number

Enter the fax number to which you want your fax to be sent and then click the Add button to add it to the recipient list. This will also add the contents of the other recipient information fields.

Recipient's Name

Place the name of the fax recipient here.

Recipient's Company

Place the name of the fax recipient's company here.

Fax subject/keyword

Enter the subject of the fax into this field. This field can also be used for entering keywords that the RelayFax server's fax rules system may be configured to search for.

Billing code

This control will display the default billing code value that you have designated on the Personal Settings pane of the Client Properties dialog. You may enter an alternate value into this text field if you wish to override it for the current fax.


Click this button to add the contents of Fax number, Recipient name,and Recipient company to the recipient list.


Entries can also be added to the Recipient list by using the Contact Manager or the MDaemon/Outlook Contacts dialog. Click Contacts and then choose either the RelayFax Contacts or MDaemon/Outlook Contacts option to open the desired dialog. If using the Contact Manager, click any entry that you wish to add to the list, and then click OK. If using the MDaemon/Outlook Contacts dialog, click the desired entry and then click either the Send Email or Send Fax icon. In both dialogs you can select multiple entries by holding down the CTRL key as you click them.

When using the MDaemon/Outlook option you can access either your WorldClient contacts stored online in your MDaemon/WorldClient email account (requires MDaemon 9.0 or later), or you can access your Outlook contacts stored locally under an Outlook profile, when Outlook is your default email client.

Email Recipients

If you wish to email a copy of the fax to someone, click this button to specify the address.

Recipient List

This is the list of all the recipients that will receive a copy of this fax. This list must contain at least one recipient.


Click this button to remove selected entries from the Recipient List.

Comments for cover page

Use this box to enter any text that you wish to appear in the comments section of the cover page. If there is more text than will fit in the space provided, a separate page will be created for the comments. Comments are limited to 1000 characters. Any text beyond 1000 characters is ignored.

Send Fax

After you have filled in all areas relevant to your fax, click this button to send it. The RelayFax SMTP Client will fold the fax into an email message and dispatch it to the RelayFax Server. The Recipient List must contain at least one entry for this button to be enabled.

To send a "cover page only" fax, simply use this pane to enter the recipients and your comments and then click Send Fax. As long as you have not included any Attached Documents, the cover page with your included comments is all that will be sent.

Error Message

After clicking Send Fax on the Compose Fax dialog, a warning message may appear informing you that the client encountered an error while attempting to deliver the fax. This is usually due to an error in your Client Properties configuration a partial transcript of the delivery attempt will be displayed to help you diagnose the problem. Click Open Properties to open the Client Properties dialog so that you can check your settings.  The mail server and dialup settings information on this dialog must be entered properly in order for the client to be able to deliver messages. Make sure that the correct IP address or domain name of your mail server has been entered on the Server Settings pane and that correct ISP account information has been entered on the Dialup Settings pane (if using the dialup features). You can also click Send again if you wish to try to send the fax again or Cancel fax to cancel it.