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Scan Image

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The RelayFax SMTP Client supports TWAIN compatible devices such as scanners and digital cameras. Direct scanner support makes it possible for you to use the client in the same manner that you would use a typical fax machine. You can scan a document at the touch of a button, type-in a fax number, and then click "Send Fax" to send it.

Scan Image


Click the "Source" button to open the Select Source dialog, which lists all available TWAIN devices that it finds on your machine. Next, select the device that you want the client to use and then click the "Select" button. The selected device will then become the default source from which documents will be acquired.


Click this button to acquire a document from the selected source. Before acquiring the document, the Scanning Options dialog will be opened unless you are using the Quick-Scan feature located on the Scanner Settings pane.

Current fax image file

When you acquire a document from a TWAIN device the path to the file will be displayed in this field.

Only a single file can be displayed in this field. When scanning multiple pages the first one will be listed here and the remainder will be listed on the Attached Documents pane.


Click View to open the file listed in the Current fax image file control.

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