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Scanning Options

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Scanning Options

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Scanning Options

Number of pages to scan [xx]

If you are sending a multi-page fax, use this control to enter the number of pages that it contains (including cover page). You will be prompted to ready each page before it is scanned. Depending upon your scanner, a product-specific user interface may or may not appear. If you are using an automatic document feeder (ADF) with your scanner then you may enter "0" to cause it to scan all loaded pages. Be sure to enable the Use automatic document feeder control if you are using one.

Use automatic document feeder

Click this check box if your scanner is equipped with an ADF unit.

Do not enable this control if your scanner isn't equipped with an automatic document feeder. Configuring the client to use an ADF unit when there isn't one could lead to errors or system instability.

Scan resolution

Click the drop-down list box and choose the resolution setting that you want to be used when scanning the documents.

Brightness adjustment

Use This slider to adjust the brightness setting that will be used when scanning.

Contrast adjustment

Use this slider to adjust the contrast setting that will be used when scanning.

Not all scanner device drivers will accept the Resolution, Brightness, and Contrast settings from RelayFax. You may have to replicate these settings once the scanner driver user interface has loaded.