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Send Schedule

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Send Schedule

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This pane makes it possible for you to designate a specific date and time for RelayFax to send your fax.

Schedule fax for specific time

I want my fax to be sent immediately

Click this option if you want the RelayFax server to send your fax at the earliest opportunity and on the first available fax modem.

I want to schedule my fax for sending at a particular date and time

Choose this option to cause the RelayFax server to send your fax at a specific date and time.

Select the date to send your fax

Type the date that you want your fax to be sent. The date must be in the format: mm/dd/yyyy. You can also click to open a calendar from which you can choose the date instead.

Select the time to send your fax

Use the drop-down list boxes to choose the hour, AM or PM, and minute to send the fax.