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Using the Broadcast Fax Wizard

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Using the Broadcast Fax Wizard

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The RelayFax SMTP Client's broadcasting wizard makes sending a fax to multiple recipients or a distribution list simple. By stepping through the wizard one screen at a time and providing a few pieces of information, you can send a fax to any number of recipients — listed either in a text file or by acquiring them directly from an ODBC accessible database.

In the wizard you will choose: The text file containing the fax recipients, whether or not you want the fax to be "cover page only", the fax image to send, the cover page to use, the template to use, and some sender information. If you want to build the recipient list from an ODBC accessible database instead of a text file, you can step through an additional wizard in the middle of this process that will enable you to do so.

This feature may not be available to all users. The administrator must grant your account permission before you will be able to use the client to send broadcast faxes.


Broadcast Fax Wizard Step-by-Step

Step 1—Prepare the recipient list

Prepare a text file or database that contains the fax numbers and names to which you wish to send the fax. Remember where this file or database is located. The format of the text file must be as follows:

The file must contain no more than one fax number per line but each line can also contain the recipient's name and company information. Lines beginning with "#" or ";" are ignored to allow you to put comments throughout the file as necessary.  Here are some examples:


Only the fax number is specified

555-1212, Arvel Hathcock

Fax number and recipient name specified

555-1212, Arvel Hathcock, Alt-N Technologies

Fax number, name, and company specified

555-1212, Arvel Hathcock, "Alt-N Tech, LTD."

Fax parameters may contain commas if quoted

555-1212, , Alt-N Technologies

Only fax number and company specified

If you want to build the list automatically from a database then the database must first be included in your Windows ODBC Data Source Administrator. This is located in either the Control Panel or Administrative Tools under the Control Panel, depending upon which version of Windows you are using.

If building the list from your fax contacts or address book, you will choose the list of recipients in Step 3 below.


Step 2—Open the Broadcast Fax Wizard

Right-click the RelayFax SMTP Client tray icon, and choose "Send broadcast fax...".


Step 3—Choose the recipient list or build it from a database

Click Browse and navigate to the text file containing the fax numbers, or click Contacts to choose the recipients from the contact manager or address book. If you want to build the list from a database then click ODBC data source, which will launch the ODBC Selector Wizard . After this step is completed, the wizard will display the first several entries to which the broadcast fax will be sent. Click Next.


Step 4—Choose the fax image or document that will be sent

Click Browse and navigate to the fax image or document that you wish to send, or click the checkbox next to "This broadcast fax consists of a cover page only" if want to send only a cover page (the cover page will be chosen in the next step). If you have selected a file to send and you want the client to convert the document for you before sending it (rather than letting the fax server convert it for you), click "Convert document to TIFF format before sending." Click Next.


Step 5—Choose the cover page

Choose the cover page for the fax. If you need to create a new cover page or edit an existing one, click Advanced to open the Cover Page dialog. If you don't want to include a cover page with the broadcast fax then click the checkbox next to "I do not wish to use a cover page". Click Next.


Step 6—Enter the sender information

1.Enter the sender's name.
2.Enter the sender's email address. RelayFax will send any system or error messages regarding the broadcast to this address.
3.Enter a billing code for the broadcast, or leave it set to <Default>.
4.Specify a priority value from "0" to "100" for this broadcast. The order in which faxes are sent is determined by their priority value—"0" being the highest priority and "100" being the lowest. The default value for normal faxes is "50". The default value for broadcast faxes is "80". If you want normal faxes to be sent before the broadcast fax then specify a number greater than 50 in this control. Further, if you do not want broadcast faxes to count against the "MaxPendingFaxCount=" value in the RelayFax.ini file, then you must designate a priority value between "80" and "100".
5.Click Next.


Step 7—Begin the broadcast

Click Finish to start broadcasting your fax.


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