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RelayFax SMTP Client

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RelayFax includes a special application called the RelayFax SMTP Client, which can be installed on your network workstation, at home, or at any other remote location. The RelayFax SMTP Client, and the accompanying RelayFax Printer Driver and RelayFax OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Printer Driver, make it possible to fax anything that you can scan or print. The client will attach the relevant document to an email message and then send it to the RelayFax server. Then, based upon the contents of the message or the fax rules configured on the server, RelayFax will route the fax to its appropriate destination. The client also contains a "Cover page only" feature for sending short messages requiring only a cover page. Documents can be faxed by printing to the RelayFax Printer Driver instead of to your normal printer, scanning them using the client's scanner and twain support, or by attaching files using the client's Attached Documents pane.

Whenever you scan a document or print one to the RelayFax Printer Driver, the RelayFax SMTP Client will be opened automatically for completing your fax. You will enter the fax recipient information manually or with the Contact Manager, choose from several other options such as alternate cover pages and scheduling, and then click the Send Fax button. The client will then email the document to your RelayFax server's mailbox (dialing into the Internet if necessary) where it will be collected and faxed to its final destination.

When faxing documents via the RelayFax OCR Printer Driver, the documents will be scanned for specific identifiers to determine the recipient's fax number and name, the subject of the fax, and so on. It will then be sent to your RelayFax server normally, just like when sending manually or printing to the RelayFax Printer Driver. The Fax Client, however, will not be opened because the recipient and other information will be taken from the document itself.

The RelayFax SMTP Client and RelayFax Printer Driver can also be accessed by custom applications in order to automatically fax documents. For more information on using this functionality, see: Sending Faxes Programmatically

RelayFax SMTP Client Features

·Immediate faxing from within any application by printing a document to the RelayFax Printer Driver.
·A cover page comment feature allows quick and easy faxing of a brief "cover page only" message.
·Full twain device support for faxing from scanners and digital cameras.
·Quick-Scan features make it possible to scan and fax documents by simply clicking a shortcut menu option or pressing the button on your scanner.
·Contact Manager that can be used to share contacts over a network.
·Confirmation Request feature that will cause RelayFax to inform the sender when their fax has been successfully transmitted.
·RAS Dialup controls make it possible for the Client to automatically dial into the Internet when being used remotely.
·Support for including extra information on the cover page such as: recipient's name and company, sender's name and contact information, billing codes, and more.
·Client may be used to email messages directly to users instead of to RelayFax for faxing.
·Scheduling feature so that you can designate a specific date and time to send the fax.
·By setting the parameters in the FAXCLNT.INI file, the RelayFax SMTP Client and RelayFax Printer Driver can be accessed programmatically by other applications, which enables them to send faxes automatically.
·Client contains a personal cover page manager and can utilize custom cover pages.
·Client allows attachment of documents to outgoing faxes.

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