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Client Settings

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Client Settings

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RelayFax SMTP Client options

Remember and use the previous fax settings each time the client loads

Click this checkbox if you want RelayFax to save the client's current settings for the next time the client is opened. This will also save any recipient information that you have filled in on the Compose Fax dialog's Properties pane. However, the Recipient list will not be saved.

Even remember the previous Subject/keyword value

If you have enabled the "Remember and use the previous fax settings..." checkbox then click this control if you want the content of the "Subject/Keyword" field on the Properties pane of the Compose Fax dialog to be saved as well.

Exit (unload) client after sending a fax or pressing the 'Cancel' button

Check this box if you want the Client to exit and the tray icon to disappear after sending a fax or clicking the 'Cancel' button on the dialog. If this control is not enabled then the tray icon will remain active but the dialog will still close.

RelayFax OCR Printer Driver Options

When sending a fax by printing a document to the RelayFax OCR Printer Driver, the settings in this section will be used during the Optical Character Recognition scan to determine the various parameters associated with the fax. Place these identifiers in your documents in order to designate the fax number, the recipient's name, the subject of the fax, and so on.

Look for fax numbers after this text

When the RelayFax OCR Printer Driver encounters this text while scanning a document, the set of numbers immediately following this identifier will be treated as a fax number.

Look for email addresses after this text

When the RelayFax OCR Printer Driver scans a document, it will look for an email address immediately following this designated text. RelayFax will then email a copy of the fax to the address.

Look for recipient name after this text

This text denotes that there is a recipient name following.

Look for recipient company after this text

The fax client will treat text following this identifier as the recipient's company name.

Look for subject line after this text

This text identifies the subject line of the fax.

Look for comments file after this text

After this text, the fax client will look for a reference to a text file; the contents of the file will be included in the comment section of the cover page. The text file must be contained in the \RelayFax\App\ subfolder.

Each page is a separate fax

Click this check box if you wish to treat each page of a document printed to the OCR Printer Driver as a separate fax. If using this option, be sure to include an identifier listed above such as FAXTO: or EMAILTO: on each page of the document.

You can also use this feature to include multiple, consecutive pages of a document in a single fax. Any pages that do not include either a FAXTO: or EMAILTO: identifier will be appended to the fax delimited by the last page that did include one of those identifiers. For example, if page one and page six of a document included a FAXTO: identifier, then pages one through five would be included with the first fax, and pages six and subsequent pages would be included with the second fax.