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Personal Settings

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Personal Settings

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The Personal Settings pane is used to include various bits of personal information on your fax's cover page. This information may also be compared by the RelayFax server to its Outbound Fax Rules. When a message matches one of the rules, the server will perform whatever action the rule was designed to cause. It could, for example, fax the message to a specific destination, print it, email it to someone, and so on.

Filling in the fields on this dialog doesn't necessarily mean they will all appear on the cover page. Cover pages will only display the information that they have been designed to display.

My Personal Information

My real name is

Enter your name here. This information may appear on the cover page of faxes that you send.

My email address is

Place your email address in this text box. RelayFax will send delivery confirmation notices and notifications of problems with your fax to this address.

This address must match a licensed user of the RelayFax system. For information on RelayFax User Accounts, see: Accounts.

My street address is

Enter your street address here. Two fields are provided but you can leave the second one blank if it isn't needed.

My city

This field is for you city.

My state or province

Enter your state or province here.

My ZIP or postal code

This field is for your ZIP or postal code.

Put ZIP before City

When formatting an address in some regions, the zip or postal code is placed before the city. Click this check box if you want your address to be formatted that way.

My company name

Type the name of your company here.

Home phone

Your home telephone number.

Home fax

Your home fax number.

Business phone

Enter the voice telephone number of your business.

Business fax

This is your business fax number.

Billing code

If you are required to provide a billing code or special identifier with your faxes, enter it into this field.

Fax password

If you are required to include a password with your faxes then enter it here.