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Server Settings

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Server Settings

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This dialog is used to configure various settings that the RelayFax SMTP Client needs in order to process your faxes.

Mail Server Properties

My mail server's domain name or IP address

Enter the domain name or IP address of your mail server, where your email account is located. This could be a mail host provided by your Internet service provider, a mail service provider, or a server located at your company. When sending a fax the RelayFax SMTP Client will fold it into an email message and then send that message to this mail server for delivery to the RelayFax Server mailbox.

Send on this TCP port

The client will send your messages on this port.

Visually verify transfer of fax data to server

Normally the client transfers fax data in the background. Click this switch to interactively monitor transactions as they occur.

My server requires authentication

Click this check box and enter your login credentials below if you are required to log in to your mail server when sending email.

Account name

Enter the account name or login used for logging into your mail server.


Enter the password corresponding to the Account name specified above.

Enable SSL/TLS

Check this box if you wish to use SSL/TLS when sending faxes to the mail server.

Optional path to RelayFax server's RFC822 directory

If your RelayFax SMTP Client is installed on the same machine as your RelayFax server, or one that is accessible via your local area network, then you can specify the path to its RFC822 directory here (e.g. "C:\Program Files\RelayFax\Rfc822"). This will deliver your outbound faxes directly to RelayFax instead of having to go through your mail server.

RelayFax Account Email Address

RelayFax account email address

This is the email address that the RelayFax server will check for messages waiting to be faxed. All of your outbound fax messages should be sent here so that they can be processed by RelayFax.