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Sending a Fax via an Email Client

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Sending a Fax via an Email Client

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Most of the time a fax will be created by printing to the RelayFax Printer Driver from within a Windows application. However, it is possible and sometimes most effective to simply load up your email client and directly generate a message to be faxed. This is done by composing your email message and addressing it to one of the email accounts that you know RelayFax is monitoring. For example, if RelayFax is collecting all the email messages sent to then sending your message to that address will get it faxed. Several special considerations must be observed in order to use this method of faxing.

Including a Fax Number in the TO: Header

When you address your email message you can specify just a fax number on the TO: line like this:

"555-1212" <>

You can also specify the recipient's name, company information, and fax number like this:

"555-1212, Jeff Boyd, Forest Park Lanes" <>

Note how each part within the quotations is separated by a comma. The format is like this:


Because the various sections are separated by a comma, you will need to enclose in quotation marks any field value that contains a comma. For example:

"555-1212, "Boyd, Jeff", "Alt-N Technologies, Ltd."" <>

Finally, you can specify just the recipient's fax number and company name like this:

"555-1212, , "Alt-N Technologies, Ltd."" <>

Using a Fax Number in the Email Address

Your fax server/mail server configuration may have an entire domain (e.g. "") dedicated to fax messages, allowing a fax number to be used as the mailbox portion of the email address itself. If that is the case then you would format the email address like this:

"Frank Thomas, Example Co." <>