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Sending Faxes Programmatically

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Sending Faxes Programmatically

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Your custom application can use the RelayFax system to send a fax by observing the following steps:

Set the following parameters in the FAXCLNT.INI file under the [FAXPARMS] section. This file can be found in the \Application Data\RelayFax\ subdirectory of the user's profile (e.g. Documents and Settings in Windows 2000/XP).

·LastFaxNumber=555-1212 ; set the fax number here
·LastRecipientName=Arvel Hathcock ; set the recipient's name here
·LastRecipientCompany=Alt-N Tech ; set the recipient's company here
·LastFaxSubject=Sample Subject ; set the subject of the fax message here
·LastComments=This is%ea comment ; comments for cover page (%e = line break)
· ; address of RelayFax Server's email account.
·ConfirmSend=Yes (or No) ; request a send confirmation
·NoCoverPage=Yes (or No) ; use a cover page?
·DefaultCoverPage=Yes (or No) ; user server assigned cover page
·SpecificCoverPage=Yes (or No) ; use a specific cover page
·LastCoverPage=FILENAME ; filename of specific cover page to use
·VerifyTransfer=Yes (or No) ; view mail sessions in progress

Once the above parameters are set to your liking, set the following key to activate automatic faxing: AutoFax=Yes (or No)

If the AutoFax key is set to Yes the RelayFax SMTP Client will create and spool the next printed document sent to the RelayFax Printer Driver automatically without prompting the user for any information. After doing so the RelayFax SMTP Client will reset the AutoFax key to No.

When specifying the LastCoverPage key use only the name of the cover page file not the complete path to the file itself. The Client will assume the file is located in the Cover Page Directory.

Also, the NoCoverPage, DefaultCoverPage, and SpecificCoverPage keys work together. Only one can be set to Yes. The others must be set to No. An error will result if more than one of these keys are set to Yes at the same time.