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Using the RelayFax SMTP Client

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Using the RelayFax SMTP Client

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Starting the Client

To start the RelayFax SMTP Client click the icon on the desktop, or click the Windows START button and navigate to the client's icon in the RelayFax program group. The client starts automatically when you print to the RelayFax Printer Driver from within a Windows application, or when you click the scan button on your scanner.

Using the Client

When the client is running, an icon will be displayed in the system tray. Right-click this icon to display a shortcut menu from which you can access various client features.

The following items are available on the shortcut menu:

About Alt-N RelayFax Click this option to display copyright, developer, and support information about RelayFax.

About Alt-N Technologies Opens your browser to Alt-N Technologies' web site.

Update RelayFax Client Click this option to find out if there is a more recent version of the RelayFax SMTP Client available. This will cause a Client Update Request to be sent to your RelayFax server. Be sure that you have entered your information into the Server Settings and Dialup Settings panes of the Properties dialog before attempting to send an update request. Without this information the client won't be able to send your request correctly. NOTE: Some RelayFax servers might not be configured to accept requests for client update information. Consequently, some users may not receive a response to their update requests.

Scan and fax If your computer has a scanner installed then you can click this option to have the RelayFax SMTP Client scan a document and then open the Compose Fax dialog to fax it.

Scan and file Click this option to scan and save a document to your hard disk. You will be prompted to choose the folder where you wish the file to be saved.

Scan and email Click this option to scan a document and then email it to someone. First, type the recipient's email address into the dialog that will open (or click the Contacts button on it and then choose the recipient). Next, click OK and type a subject for the email on the Compose Fax dialog. Click Send Fax when you are ready to send the email.

Scan button launches RelayFax client Some scanners have a button that can be used for "one-touch" scanning. Enable this shortcut option if you want your scanner button to automatically launch the RelayFax Client in addition to activating your scanner.

Enable Quick-Scan When this option is enabled and you attempt to use your scanner to acquire a document, the RelayFax Client will immediately scan the document using the scanner's current default settings rather than present you with a Scanner Options dialog first. A check mark will appear beside this option when it is enabled.

Exit on send/cancel Activate this option if you want the RelayFax SMTP Client to shut down after a fax is sent or the Cancel button inside the client is clicked the client will close and the tray icon will disappear. When this control is not enabled, the Compose Fax dialog will close but the tray icon will still be accessible.

Send broadcast fax - Opens the broadcast fax wizard that will walk you through the steps of sending a broadcast fax.

Compose a new fax Click this option to open the client's Compose Fax dialog.

Shut down RelayFax client Click this option to shut down the RelayFax SMTP Client. The tray icon will disappear and all client dialogs will close.

Properties Click this option to open the client's Properties dialog, which is used to configure your personal settings, server settings, dialup options, and more.



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