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ODBC Selector Wizard

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If you choose to build the Broadcast Fax recipient list from a database instead of a previously prepared text file, use the following steps to do so:

Step 1—Prepare your database

Prepare your database making sure that the table from which you wish to build the list contains fields for each recipient's fax number, name, and company. Add the database to your Windows ODBC Data Source Administrator. ODBC Data Source is located in either the Control Panel or Administrative Tools under the Control Panel, depending upon which version of Windows you are using.


Step 2—Open the Broadcast Fax Wizard

In RelayFax, click "Create broadcast fax..." on the "Tools" menu, or click the Broadcast Fax icon on the toolbar.


Step 3-Open the ODBC Selector Wizard

In the Broadcast Fax Wizard, click "ODBC data source" to open the ODBC Selector Wizard.


Step 4—Choose the data source

This dialog lists all data sources currently included in the ODBC Data Source Administrator. Click the data source that contains the table that will be used to build your list. If a logon and password is required to gain access to the data source then include that information on this dialog as well. Click "Next".


Step 5—Select the table containing the recipient information

This dialog lists the tables contained in the chosen database. Click the table that contains the fields that you wish to use to build your recipient list. Click "Next".


Step 6—Select the columns to use

Use the drop-down list boxes to select the database columns that you wish to use to build your list of recipients. Select columns that correspond to the recipient fax number, name, and company. Name fields 2 and 3 are optional. If your database contains a single column for Name, then you can assign it to Name field 1 and leave the others blank. This dialog also contains an optional control that can be used to enter an SQL SELECT statement "WHERE" clause if necessary. Click "Next". The recipient list will be built and you will be returned to the Broadcast Fax Wizard.


Step 7—Continue in the Broadcast Fax Wizard

Go to step 3 in the Broadcast Fax Wizard and continue normally from that point forward.

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