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Billing Codes

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Billing Codes

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Combined with the Outbound Fax Rules and Exporting features, billing codes can be used to track the fax expenses and RelayFax time usage of specific groups of users. Users can be forced to include a billing code before their fax will be accepted, and rules can be configured that will cause specific actions to be taken when certain billing codes are encountered. The export file includes a field for each fax's billing code and can therefore be used as a field in a spreadsheet, which you might wish to create in order to track this usage.

Billing Codes

Outbound faxes must supply a valid billing code

Click this option if you want to require all users to supply a billing code in their fax messages before they will be accepted. Billing codes can be inserted via the the outbound fax rules, the RelayFax SMTP Client, or by using the Billing Code email macro when sending a fax via an email client.

Valid Billing Codes

This box displays all valid billing codes that you have created.


To remove a code from the list, click the code and then click this button.

Add new billing code

To add a billing code to list, enter it here and then click the Add button.

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