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Client Updates

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Client Updates

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On the Shortcut menu of the RelayFax SMTP Client there is an option to "Update RelayFax Client". When a user clicks that option, an update request message is sent to the RelayFax server. The Client Updates pane controls how RelayFax will respond to the update requests. If you have configured RelayFax to honor update requests it will email the contents of the UPDATE.DAT file to the user making the request. This file is located in the \RelayFax\app\ subfolder and can be edited with any plain text editor such as Notepad. To simplify the editing process you can click Edit UPDATE.DAT file on this pane to open it in your default text editor.

This pane also provides the option to automatically send the update message to any users who send a message to RelayFax from an older version of the client. This is a more "user friendly" method since they will not need to remember to check for updates; they will be informed automatically whenever the version they are using is out of date.

Client Updating

Allow clients to request update instructions from the server

Click this checkbox if you want RelayFax to email the contents of UPDATE.DAT to users who click Update RelayFax Client on their client's shortcut menu.

If this option is not checked then RelayFax will simply delete update requests without responding to them.

Automatically inform users when a newer version of the client is available

Enable this control if you want RelayFax to automatically send update information to users who send a message to RelayFax using an outdated version of the client.

Edit UPDATE.DAT file

Click this button to open UPDATE.DAT in your default text editor. You may utilize three macros in this file so that the contents of the response message will be specific to the recipient:


Will be replaced by the current version number of the RelayFax SMTP Client.


Will be replaced by the version number of the user's client.


Will attach a file to the update message being sent.

For example:


This would attach the client installation file to the response message.


Rather than attaching the latest version of the Client to the message, you can conserve bandwidth and resources by editing the UPDATE.DAT file to include a URL to a location from which the user can download it instead.

See the UPDATE.DAT file included with RelayFax for an example message.

Server Updating

Check for future updates automatically

Click this checkbox if you want RelayFax to check for updates automatically each day at midnight. When a RelayFax software update is available, a notification email will be dispatched to the Default email address designated on the Mail Server pane of the RelayFax Properties dialog (File»RelayFax properties...»Mail Server). This option will appear dimmed and not accessible if your update protection has expired. In order to restore automatic update functionality you will need to renew your RelayFax update protection.

You can manually check for updates at any time from an option on the Help menu (Help»Check for RelayFax updates...).