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Cover Pages (Server)

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RelayFax integrates with the Microsoft Cover Page Editor application that ships with Windows. This application provides a very high level of custom cover page design and creation capability. The Microsoft Cover Page Editor allows you to create and edit richly formatted cover pages which are supported directly by RelayFax.

RelayFax uses the Microsoft Cover Page Editor included with the Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, and 2008, excluding XP Home and Vista Home. If the cover page editor is not installed or associated with these files then you may need to go to Add/Remove Programs in the control panel and install the Fax Services (also known as "Windows Fax and Scan") under Add/Remove Windows Components.

Although the RelayFax SMTP Client can be installed and used on the Home editions of Windows XP and Vista, the cover page options will not work because those versions of the operating system do not include the fax services.

Existing Cover Pages

This box displays all available cover pages that you have created.


You may delete a cover page by selecting it from the Existing Cover Pages list and then clicking the Remove button. RelayFax will ask you to confirm your decision to delete the cover page before proceeding.


To edit a previously created cover page select it from the Existing Cover Pages list and then click the Edit button. The cover page will be loaded into the Microsoft Cover Page Editor. For more information on using the Cover Page Editor, click "Help»Help Topics" within the editor.


To create a new cover page, click the New button. This will open the Cover Page Properties dialog, on which you will assign a name for your cover page, and include any desired comments or notes about this page for your reference.

Cover Page Properties

Cover page name

Type a name for your cover page into this text box. This may be a descriptive name such as "The Frank Thomas cover page".

Descriptive Comments

Here you may enter up to 255 characters of descriptive text or comments regarding this cover page. This can be used for reference to easily identify a specific cover page. This is helpful when creating Outbound Fax Rules to assign alternate cover pages. For example, "This is the cover page that Frank Thomas uses when sending faxes about his many heroic exploits." When this particular cover page is selected from the Existing Cover Pages list this text will appear in the Comments section of the Cover Pages dialog.

These comments are saved in your cover page folder as the file "<Cover Page Name>.cmt".

Cover page file:

This is the filename of the cover page. Cover pages are stored in the ...\RelayFax\Covers subfolder.


When you create a cover page you will have the opportunity to include some comments or a description of the page for your personal reference. These comments will appear in this area when a cover page is selected from the Existing Cover Pages list. This text will not appear on the cover page itself.