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Default Rules

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Default Rules

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When RelayFax receives a document for faxing, or if it receives an incoming fax, it will first attempt to apply the Outbound or Inbound Fax Rules specified on their respective panes. If no rule can be applied to the document or fax then RelayFax will act according to the default rules specified here.

Outbound Faxes

Extract fax numbers from the email's TO: or SUBJECT: header

If an Outbound Fax Rule doesn't assign a fax number or route the fax message to an email address, then RelayFax will attempt to extract a fax number from the message's TO: header if this checkbox is enabled. If no numeric data is present in the TO: header (or CC: if enabled below) then the SUBJECT: header will be scanned. If no outbound rule could be applied to the message and this option is disabled (or the headers contain no fax numbers), RelayFax will send a message to the Sender informing him or her that the fax cannot be sent.

Also extract fax numbers from CC: header

If you have RelayFax configured to extract fax numbers from TO: headers and Subject, click this checkbox if you wish to extract them from CC: headers as well.

A fax number must contain at least [xx] digits to be valid

Type the minimum number of digits that any extracted numbers must contain.

A fax number must contain no more than [xx] digits to be valid

Type the maximum number of digits that you wish to allow extracted numbers to contain. This is useful if you wish to prohibit your users from sending faxes to long distance numbers.

Inbound Faxes

Email fax to default user [address]

When RelayFax receives an inbound fax that does not match any of the Inbound Fax Rules, it will be emailed to this address. If entering multiple addresses they must be separated by commas.

Automatically spool fax to a default printer

Check this box if you wish to print all inbound faxes that do not match any Inbound Fax Rules. Click the Select Printer button to choose the printer that you wish to use.

Select Printer

Click this button to open the Select Printer dialog from which you can choose a printer and set several options.

Add Banner

Click this option if you wish to add a custom banner to inbound faxes that do not match one of the Inbound Fax Rules. For more on banners, see: Banner Text & Formatting Characters.