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Log Window

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The largest pane in RelayFax's main display is the Log Window, which displays a continually updated and highly detailed log of all faxing events and POP and SMTP sessions occurring within RelayFax. This feature makes it possible to quickly reference any information regarding RelayFax's recent activities about which you may have questions. It will also alert you to errors and problems that may occur during processing, thus aiding in diagnosing possible problems. The Log Window contains multiple tabs use the tabs at the bottom to select which specific category of details you would like to view.

Entries for each inbound and outbound fax processed is included on several tabs: Sent, Received, Failed, Active, and All Faxes. The sender and recipient of the fax is listed as well as the time and date of the fax, the fax device's ID, the status of each fax (e.g. Pending, Sending, Received, or Sent), and a number of other facts.

The status bar directly below the Log Window shows what the server is currently doing. It lists the number of entries present in the fax log, and the number of messages in the remote queue waiting to be uploaded to the mail server. It also displays the number of faxes currently pending (p:), being sent (s:), and being received (r:).  The two elements of the "s:" counter reflect the number of faxes in progress (the number to the left of the slash) and the total number of modems available to send faxes (the number to the right of the slash). The  rest of the status bar shows the number of faxes that have been received and transmitted since midnight and the total amount of time the server has been running since it was last started.

For each fax entry there is also a Shortcut Menu that can be used to perform various actions. The Shortcut Menu can be reached by right clicking any entry. The menu's controls will apply to any faxes selected in the window.

The number of pending faxes that will be displayed in this window is determined by the  "MaxPendingFaxCount=" switch in the "[FaxServer]" section of the RelayFax.ini file. The default setting for this switch is "10". If you have configured RelayFax to use multiple modems then you may wish to increase this value by 5-10 for each modem being used. In other words: 10 for one modem, 15-20 for two, and so on.


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