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Mail Sources

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Mail Sources

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Use the Mail Sources pane to specify the mail hosts from which the RelayFax Server should collect mail to be processed and faxed.

Mail Sources

Here you can specify as many mail server accounts as you wish. RelayFax will collect email from each of them, convert the emails to faxes, and then send them.


Enter the server from which you wish to be collect RelayFax's messages.


Enter the username or login credential of the mail account on the specified server.


Enter the password needed to access the account.


If you wish to delete a mail source, select it from the list and then click this button to remove it.


Clicking this button toggles the state of the selected mail source entries. This switch gives you control over whether RelayFax will collect mail for this entry or skip over it when it performs the mail collection process.


After entering the server and login credentials in the spaces provided, click this button to add the mail source to the list.


When an entry is selected from the list, it will be presented for editing. After any desired changes are made click this button to apply those changes.

Remove downloaded mail from this server

Enable this check box if you wish to remove the mail from the server after it is collected. Otherwise it will be left on the server.


Check this box if you wish to use SSL/TLS when collecting messages from the mail source.

Adding a New Mail Source

To add a new mail source to the list, enter the server and login credentials, choose whether or not to Remove downloaded mail..., and then click Add. At each designated processing interval RelayFax will check all enabled entries for new mail messages.

Editing an Existing Mail Source

To edit an existing mail source, first click the desired entry. This will display its current settings in the various controls on this dialog. Make any desired changes to these settings and then click the Replace button. The old settings for this entry will then be replaced by the new.

Do not click the Add button when editing an existing entry. Click the Replace button to save any changes to the entry.