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Mail Sources & Rules

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Mail Sources & Rules

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The Mail Sources and Rules dialog consists of five panes: Mail Sources, Default Rules, Outbound Fax Rules, Inbound Fax Rules, and Junk Faxes. The dialog is used to designate the location of POP3 mail hosts from which the RelayFax Server is to collect mail for faxing, and to specify what actions should be taken by the server when the collected mail meets certain administrator defined criteria. In addition, it is used to route incoming faxes to specific destinations, also based upon administrator defined criteria.

Mail Sources

On the Mail Sources pane, you will specify the POP3 mail hosts from which the RelayFax Server is to collect mail to be processed and faxed. RelayFax will connect to each one of these hosts, collect any waiting messages, and then process these messages based upon the criteria designated on the Rules panes of this same dialog.

Default Rules

When RelayFax receives a document for faxing, or if it receives an incoming fax, it will first attempt to apply the Outbound or Inbound Fax Rules specified on their respective panes. If no rule can be applied to the document or fax then RelayFax will act according to the default rules specified here.

Outbound Fax Rules

With the Outbound Fax Rules feature, you can setup rules that RelayFax will use to determine what to do with each email message that it receives. Careful utilization of the rules system will allow you to setup a very flexible and robust fax server system.

Inbound Fax Rules

Inbound Fax Rules are used to tell RelayFax where to post incoming faxes. When a fax is received, the transmitting fax device's ID is compared to the current list of Inbound Fax Rules. Then, the fax is processed and routed according to these rules.

Junk Faxes

One of the available actions that can be specified in the Inbound Fax Rules is the "Mark as SPAM (junk)" action. The options on the Junk Faxes pane are used to designate what will happen to messages that have been marked as SPAM.