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MDaemon Server

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MDaemon Server

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Although RelayFax can be used with any email server, it has been designed to work exceptionally well with Alt-N Technologies' MDaemon Server for Windows. It can share a modem with MDaemon and integrates well with your MDaemon user list and MDaemon's WorldClient webmail component.

The options on the MDaemon Properties dialog (File»MDaemon properties...) make it possible for RelayFax to be installed on the same machine as your MDaemon Server and share a single modem with MDaemon without causing any conflicts. Immediately before MDaemon attempts a dialup connection it will create a file called PREDIAL.SEM. At the close of the connection, POSTDIAL.SEM will be created. RelayFax can look for these files before dialing and thus avoid attempting to use the modem when it is already in use by MDaemon.

Within MDaemon, you must specify at least 2 redial attempts in the RAS configuration  pane in order for this feature to be utilized.

MDaemon Settings

Monitor for COM port sharing signals from MDaemon

Enable this switch if you want RelayFax to share a COM port with MDaemon.

When MDaemon needs to dial make sure COM port [xx] is free

When RelayFax detects that MDaemon needs to dial, it will free this port for MDaemon's use. If necessary, RelayFax will suspend listening for faxes while the port is in use by MDaemon.