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Dialing Rules

RelayFax supports Windows Dialing Rules. Windows Dialing Rules provide options for handling area and country codes that cannot be implemented using the Outbound Rules. Activating the Use Windows Dialing Rules option enables automatic processing of "canonical" numbers in the form "+<country code> (area code) <number>" (e.g. +1 (616) 555 1212). The "+" is automatically converted into "011" if the call is international, and it prefixes a "1" if the call is domestic long distance. The "+<country code>" is optional but the parentheses are required, and the default country code is automatically prepended if the number does not start with a "+". The windows dialing rules will convert "canonical" numbers to a dialable string according to the options configured in the selected location. Note that the outbound and prefix rules are applied before the Windows Location rules are processed. Fax numbers that are not in the correct format will be dialed unmodified.


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