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Network Resource Access

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Network Resource Access

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The Network Resource Access pane can be reached from the Select Printer dialog, or it can be opened as a separate dialog from the File»Network resource access... menu selection. If you run RelayFax as a service and need access to drive shares or you wish to print to a network printer, you may have to provide RelayFax with some access credentials. Normally, RelayFax will run as a service using what is called the \"LocalSystem\" account. This account has no logon or password associated with it, therefore software running as \"LocalSystem\" may not be allowed access to some network devices. To ensure that RelayFax can access your network devices you can provide the logon and password of an account that has access to them. When login credentials are included on this dialog RelayFax will log in as that account rather than the \"LocalSystem\" account.

Logon Name

Enter the logon name of a valid Windows user account that has access to your network devices.


Enter the password to the above account.


Optionally, enter the domain with which the user account is associated. If you leave this field blank RelayFax will try to log in to the default domain.

Printing under a windows network can be difficult to set up. You must take steps to make sure that the printer you are trying to access across your network has the correct permissions configured to allow RelayFax to access it. Sometimes printer access problems can be resolved by setting up the network printer to allow print access from any member of the "EVERYONE" group. This includes the \"LocalSystem\" account and therefore works when RelayFax is setup to run as a system service.

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