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On the Options/Password pane of the Account Settings dialog, you can designate what RelayFax will do when it encounters a message that originates from an address other than those listed on the Accounts pane. These actions will also be taken when you are requiring your users to provide a password in their messages and an invalid one is given, or a password is omitted altogether.

These options are not applied unless the Automatically add accounts when first fax from them is received option (located on the Accounts pane) has been turned off or the maximum number of Accounts has already been reached.

Non-Licensed Users

When a message is processed that does not originate from one of the addresses listed on the Accounts pane or does not contain a valid password, RelayFax will delete the incoming message and then take two possible actions listed below. You may configure RelayFax to do one, both, or neither of these tasks.

...send note telling him/her they are not authorized

When this checkbox is enabled, RelayFax will convert the contents of the NOACCESS.DAT file (located in the ...\RelayFax\app folder) into an email message and send it to the non-licensed user.

...inform [address] about incident

When this checkbox is enabled, RelayFax will send a message to the address specified, informing it that an unauthorized user has attempted to use the RelayFax system. Additionally, the complete message of the unauthorized user will be included with this email notification as a file attachment.

When neither of these options is enabled, RelayFax will simply delete unauthorized user messages and take no further actions.

<Default> password

When a password is required, messages that do not give the password to RelayFax will not be processed. This security measure is at your disposal if you are worried about non-authorized personnel sending faxes through your server. If such is the case, it is recommended that you specify a password and force users of your fax system to use it when they send a fax.

Accounts without their own password must use the system default

Enable this checkbox if you want all users to be required to include a password with their messages even when one hasn't been specifically assigned to their accounts. Accounts without their own unique password must use the password defined in the <Default> password control.

<Default> password

Specify the password that you wish to require of all users that haven't been given one specific to their account.

DID Routing (requires DID-capable hardware)

Route inbound faxes to users based on DID

If you are using a Direct Inward Dialing (DID) system, then click this check box if you want RelayFax to automatically route incoming faxes to users based on the DID numbers assigned under their account settings.

Only answer calls to user DID numbers

Click this check box if you want RelayFax to respond only to incoming calls destined for DID numbers that have been specified under the individual user Accounts. Inbound calls to unknown DID numbers will not be answered by RelayFax.


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