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Fax Server

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The Fax Server pane of the RelayFax Properties dialog is used to set up several default settings for your RelayFax Server. Here you will designate the default cover page, banner text, company name and address, fax device ID, and fax and voice numbers.

Fax Server Defaults

Default cover page

This is the path to the cover page to be included with all outbound faxes that have not had an alternate cover page assigned to them, due to Faxing Rules or Templates. The cover page is also the page that is sent when sending a cover page only fax.

Fax banner text

RelayFax will insert a line of text at the top of each faxed page. This line is called a banner. With RelayFax it is possible to custom format your banner by entering the desired text and formatting characters into the fax banner text option. The banner may be formatted to automatically include various kinds of information such as the date and time, total pages, recipient's or sender's name, CSID, and other options.

If the banner option is left blank, no fax banner will be sent. However, it is common practice to include a banner on outgoing faxes, and in some regions it is even required. For a detailed discussion regarding your banner text, and for a complete list and definition of available formatting characters, see:

Banner Text & Formatting Characters

Default fax CSID

Each fax device must have a unique Caller Sender Identification (CSID). It is common practice to use either your company name or fax number as your fax ID. When two fax devices are negotiating a connection they make this information available to one another.

In some regions, providing a CSID is required.

Company Information

Company name and address

Enter your company's name and address in this section. It is common practice to provide the company name when sending and receiving faxes. By default this information will appear on outbound cover pages.

Fax number

This is your fax number. By default it will appear on your cover page.

Voice number

This is your voice telephone number. By default it will appear on your cover page.