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Mail Server

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Mail Server

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Use the Mail Server pane to specify the mail server that the RelayFax Server will connect to for delivering incoming faxes. In addition, this mail server will be used by RelayFax for delivering fax confirmation and failure status messages. You will also specify a default email address and a few other parameters on this pane.

Mail Server Properties

Spool incoming faxes to this mail server

When an incoming fax is received it will be folded into an email message and spooled to this mail server for final delivery. Fax confirmation and failure status messages created by the RelayFax Server will also be spooled to this mail server.

Send on this TCP port

RelayFax will use this port when it sends data to your mail server. The default setting is port 25.

My server requires authentication

Tick this check box if you are required to authenticate yourself whenever sending mail to the supplied mail server.

Account name

Enter the account name or login here that is required by your mail server.


Enter the password required by your mail server.

Enable SSL/TLS

Check this box if you wish to use SSL/TLS when sending messages to the mail server.

SMTP envelope ID

This is the address used in the SMTP "MAIL FROM" command when RelayFax spools an inbound fax or other message to your mail server. It is also used as the FROM and ReplyTo within RelayFax generated messages. Make sure that you specify an address in this field that RelayFax checks for email messages. If you do not specify a valid email address in this control then RelayFax will not receive messages from users when they are attempting to reply to a message that RelayFax sent to them (for example, to have RelayFax resend a failed fax). Thus, RelayFax will not be able to fulfill the commands contained in those messages.

Name for FROM field

Use this control if you want to an optional name to be entered into the name portion of the FROM field of RelayFax generated messages. The default value for this control is "RelayFax Server".

Default email address

If RelayFax cannot determine to whom an incoming fax should be addressed, this default address will be used.

This address must be different than that of your RelayFax email account (specified on the Mail Sources dialog) in order to prevent mail loops.

HELO identification

When spooling an inbound fax to your mail server, RelayFax will identify itself as being a member of this domain.