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The Service pane of the RelayFax Properties dialog is used to designate whether or not you will run RelayFax as a Windows system service. Running RelayFax as a service allows it to start when Windows starts, allows it to operate when no users are logged in to Windows, and provides greater security.

Service Options

Run RelayFax as a Windows system service

Enable this check box if you wish to run RelayFax as a service. Windows services have a number of configurable options such as Dependencies and Start-up choices.

Service Name (do not use / or \ characters)

This is the designated name of the service.


This list box displays the names of any services that must start before RelayFax does.


Click this button to remove a selected Dependency from the Dependencies list box.

New Dependency

Enter the name of a service upon which you wish the RelayFax service to be dependent and click the Add button to add it to the list of Dependencies.


Click this button to add a service, which you have entered into the New Dependency text box, to the Dependencies list.

Start Service

This is the initial state of the service.

Automatically - starts the service when Windows starts.

Manually - starts the service only via user intervention.

Disabled - does not start the service at all.

Install Service

Click this button to install or remove the RelayFax service.

For more information on Windows Services and Dependencies, consult your Windows help files and documentation.