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RelayFax Properties

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The RelayFax Properties dialog, located under the File»RelayFax properties... menu, contains six panes that are used for configuring various settings and features of your RelayFax Server. These six panes are:

Fax Server

The Fax Server pane is used to set up several default settings for you RelayFax Server. Here you will designate the default cover page, banner text, company name and address, fax device ID, and fax and voice numbers.

Mail Server

Use the Mail Server pane to specify the mail server that the RelayFax Server will connect to for delivering incoming faxes. In addition, this mail server will be used by RelayFax for delivering fax confirmation and failure status messages. You will also specify a default email address and a few other parameters on this pane.

Client Updates

On the Shortcut menu of the RelayFax SMTP Client there is an option to "Update RelayFax Client". When a user clicks that option, an update request message is sent to the RelayFax server. The Client Updates pane controls how RelayFax will respond to these update requests.


The Options pane of the RelayFax Properties dialog is used to specify several optional settings. These include the number of retry attempts for failed faxes, specifying whether all faxes should be printed or not, whether delivery confirmation requests should be honored, and several others.


The Service pane of the RelayFax Properties dialog is used to control whether or not you wish to run RelayFax as a Windows system service. RelayFax can be configured to run as a system service under Windows NT/2000 and under Windows 95/98.


The RelayFax Server maintains a continually updated and highly detailed log of all Faxing Events and POP Sessions. Here you will assign a name and maximum size to that file.