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Select Printer

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This dialog is opened when you click one of the Select printer buttons on the Options pane of the RelayFax Properties dialog or the Default Rules pane of the Mail Sources and Rules dialog. It will also be opened when you choose the Print fax to specific printer action when creating a new inbound or outbound fax rule. Use the Select Printer pane to choose which printer the corresponding option will print to, and then use the other panes to set any other necessary options, such as paper settings or network access credentials.

Available Printers

This area will display all printers that are available for RelayFax to use when configured to print inbound or outbound faxes. To select a printer simply click on the desired entry in this list and then click OK.

Currently Selected Printers

This text box displays the name of the printer that you have selected to be used by the corresponding option that opened the Select Printer dialog.

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