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SIP Account

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SIP Account

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Use the options on this pane to configure your virtual T.38 device, after creating the device using the Add Modem dialog. This pane will only be available for T.38 devices.

SIP Account


Enter the host name or IP address of the SIP-based software PBX here. If the server port is not 5060, then a colon and the port number can be appended. For example: "" or "".


In this field, enter the SIP account name or extension. The SIP account name is typically a phone extension.



This field is for your login or authentication credential. This is usually the same as the Account, but not always.


Enter your username's corresponding password.


IP Address

This is RelayFax's IP address as seen by the SIP Server. If RelayFax is behind a NAT firewall and the SIP Server is outside that firewall, then this will be the external address of the NAT firewall. Consequently, your firewall must be configured to forward the SIP and RTP ports designated below to RelayFax's internal or network IP address. If the SIP Server has direct access to RelayFax, such as if they are both on the same network without a firewall between them, then you can use RelayFax's local IP address here and the ports will not need to be forwarded.

SIP Port

Enter your SIP port setting here. The default is 5060.

RTP Port

This is the port used for the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) and T.38 protocol. The default setting is 8000.


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