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Fax Templates

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Fax Templates can be used to assign a large number of alternate variables to outbound faxes. Applied through the Outbound Fax Rules, templates make it possible to: use alternate cover pages and banner text, change the sender's name, company, Fax ID, fax and voice numbers, and assign alternate dialing and retry settings. With Templates you can cause RelayFax to simultaneously support and appear as any number of different fax devices at different companies or departments.

For more information on applying Templates through Outbound Fax Rules, see:

Outbound Fax Rules

Existing Templates

All available Templates are displayed in this area.


To remove a Template from the Existing Templates list, click the desired template and then the Remove button.


To edit a previously created Template, double-click the desired template in the Existing Templates list or click the template and then the Edit button. This will open the template's Template Properties dialog.


Click the New button to open the New Template Properties dialog used for creating new Templates.

Template File:

Here you will find the file path to the currently selected Template.


When you create a Template you will have the opportunity to include some comments or a description of the template for your personal reference. Those comments or descriptions will appear in this area when a template is selected from the Existing Templates list. This text will not appear on any faxed or printed pages.

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