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Text Options

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TIF Options

The options in this section govern how RelayFax will handle various aspects of the fax images when sending faxes.

CCITT compression

This is the CCITT compression format used for all TIF files that RelayFax places in the FaxFile folder.

Default page size

This option sets the default page size for the cover pages generated by RelayFax.

use source image size

Choose this option if you do not wish to resize the fax image before sending.

force image width to be the same as default page size

Choose this option if you wish to force the width of the fax image to be the same as the default page size designated above.

force image width [xx] pixels and height [xx] pixels

Choose this option if you wish to set the height and width of the fax image to a specific number of pixels.

Fax Headers

Use the options in this section to set the margin size and font that will be used for the inbound and outbound fax banners.

Text to TIF Conversion

When there is a plain text attachment or the text for the cover page comments is too large to fit in the space provided, RelayFax will create an additional TIF image/page for the text, using the margin and font settings defined in this section.

The size limit for text on the cover page is governed by the following key in the RelayFax.ini file:



If the amount of text exceeds this value then the text is moved to its own page instead of appearing on the cover page. In any case, the client's "Comments for cover page" option is still limited to 1000 characters, regardless of this setting.