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Tool Window

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Tool Window

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The Tool Window contains a tree-view list of RelayFax features and dialogs. Double-click any listed item to open its corresponding dialog, or right-click an item and then choose Properties from the shortcut menu. You can collapse or expand each section of the list by clicking on its respective plus or minus sign located to the left of the section's top item.

The Modem Properties dialog and the Add Modem dialog can only be reached through the Tool Window. Double-click on a listed modem to open its Modem Properties dialog. You can also right-click the listed modem to access its properties, reinitialize it, delete it from the list, or reorder its position in the list (pending faxes are assigned to available fax devices in the order in which they appear in the list). If no modems are listed you may need to click the Rescan Ports button first to detect and list your installed modems. You can manually add modems that may not be listed by double-clicking the Manual Add icon and using the Add Modem dialog that will be opened.