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Account Listing

This display lists the names and email addresses of every user that has been granted permission to send faxes via RelayFax. It also displays an encrypted version of each user's fax password or "<Default>" if a specific password hasn't been assigned, and any Direct Inward Dialing (DID) number assigned to the user. The number of entries allowed in the listing is determined by the particular license that you have purchased for RelayFax. The listing can also be sorted by any of the available fields: Real name, Email, Password, and DID. To sort the list, click the heading that you want it to be sorted by. Clicking the same heading again will cause the list to alternate between an ascending or descending sort order.

Accounts used:

This is the number of addresses that currently have permission to use the RelayFax Server.

Accounts left:

This is the number of addresses still available before your RelayFax license key reaches its maximum.


To delete an entry from the Address Listing, first click the desired entry and then this button.

Real name

Type the user's real name into this field.

Email address

Type the user's email address. The user's message must be sent from this address or RelayFax will not fax it.


If you specify a password in this field then the user must include it in his message for RelayFax to fax the message. In the RelayFax SMTP Client there is a specific control used for including the user's password, but if they send their message via a regular email client then they must include the "FAXPASSWORD:pass" macro in the body of their message. Leaving the Password field blank will set the user's password to "<default>". If no default password has been designated on the Options/Password pane then no password will be required in their messages. If there has been a password designated then they must include it in their message in the same way that a user-specific password would be included.


If you are using a Direct Inward Dialing (DID) system, and the user has a DID fax number assigned to him or her, enter that number here.


Click this button to add the user to the list after entering their information.


When you click an entry in the list of accounts its information will be displayed in the fields below the listing. If you edit that information then click this button to update the entry in the listing.

Import MD

If your local mail server is an MDaemon Email Server then you may click this button to automatically import your MDaemon users into RelayFax.

Import RF 2.X

Before version 3, RelayFax used a different format for its user listing. Click this button if you used one of these very early versions of RelayFax and wish to import its user listing.


Automatically add accounts when first fax from them is received

When this switch is enabled, RelayFax will automatically add a new address to the list of accounts in the Address Listing whenever the first fax from it is received. This makes it possible to dynamically build your list of users.

When using this feature, RelayFax will accept messages from anyone until the maximum number of accounts has been reached. If you wish to limit or control permissions to your RelayFax Server, do not use this feature; disable this checkbox and then manually enter those addresses that you wish to grant permission to use your RelayFax Server.

This feature can be enabled/disabled in only the first 60 days of a RelayFax Server's lifespan; after that time this feature is permanently disabled. Below this control is a counter letting you know how many days you have left. Only in unlimited user license versions of RelayFax will this feature be permanently usable.

...only automatically add my MDaemon users

If you are using MDaemon as your local email server then click this checkbox if you want the Automatically add accounts... feature to apply only to your MDaemon users. Non-MDaemon users will not be added. New installations will not have to duplicate your MDaemon users. RelayFax will use MDaemon's account database up to the maximum number of users allowed by your RelayFax license.


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