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This page is used for customizing the appearance and operation of your account settings and functions.


If you have permission to change your password, you can do so by entering your new password into the Password field and then entering it again into the Confirm Password field. If you get an error saying the password is invalid, you must use a strong password. Strong passwords must contain at least 5 characters and have at least one capital letter and number. An example strong password is: "Example1".



This is the language in which WorldClient's pages will appear.


This is the visual scheme or set of pages that WorldClient will use to display your messages and content. The default themes included in WorldClient are: LookOut, Standard, Simple, and Mobile. For more on Themes, see: Choosing a Theme.


This provides a pre-configured set of font colors and sizes, background colors, and so on. Choose your favorite. This does not change the layout of your pages. Layout and controls are determined by the Theme. LookOut has several styles.

Skip initial mail check

If you have a lot of mail folders, checking this option may help you sign in faster, since it will prevent WorldClient from counting all of the messages in all of your folders when you first sign in. Counts for the Inbox will still be done.

Collapse my nested folders

If you have a lot of nested folders then this option can help display the LookOut theme faster. By collapsing the folder list, the folders are delayed and the browser can move on to other pages for loading.

Add Replies to Contacts

Check this box if you want a message sender's email address and name to be added to your Contacts when you reply to the message.


Enable ComAgent Chatting in the LookOut theme

Check this box if you want to use ComAgent chat in the LookOut theme. When this feature is enabled a ComAgent bar will appear in the lower right corner of the browser. This allows you to view your buddy list and chat with your ComAgent buddies just as when using the ComAgent application.

Message Listing

List Refresh Time

This setting determines how often your Message Listing will be refreshed. You can also refresh the listing by clicking Get Mail in the Navigation pane or on the toolbar, depending on which theme you are using.

List Messages Per Page

This is the maximum number of messages that will be displayed at any given time in the Message Listing. You can view additional messages by paging through the Message Listing with the page controls. You can choose "All" to display all messages in the folder, but this could substantially slow down the performance of your browser and computer if the folder contains a large number of messages. Depending on your connection speed, trying to list thousands of messages could effectively freeze your browser due to the very large amount of data that would have to be generated and downloaded from the server. On slow connections, setting this option to list even hundreds of message might cause you long delays. You should experiment with this setting to determine what works best for you.

Enable Message List Threading

Check this box if you wish to group messages by conversation. The original message will appear in the Message Listing. Replies to the original message or to any subsequent messages belonging to the same conversation will appear nested below it in a separate "thread."

Don't mark messages being previewed as read for this many seconds

In the LookOut theme, the Message Listing can contain a Message Preview pane that will display whichever message you have selected in the list. By default, a message will be immediately marked as having been read when it is displayed in the Message Preview. However, if you wish to be able to preview a message for several seconds without marking it as read, then use this option to delay changing its status. For example, if you set the option to 5 seconds, then a message will not be marked as read until it is displayed in the preview pane for a full 5 seconds.

Sort Order

Use this control to designate the default method by which messages will be sorted in the Message Listing. You can choose to sort messages in either ascending or descending order by: Date, Subject, From, To, or Mailbox.

See: Sorting the Message Listing.

Name Format

This control is for specifying what sender information you wish to display in the Message Listing: Full Name, Email Address, or both.

Send Read Confirmations

Sometimes incoming messages contain a special header for requesting that an automated message be sent back to the sender to let him or her know when you read the message. Set this option to specify how you want WorldClient to handle messages that ask for read confirmations. Set it to No if you do not want WorldClient to ever respond to read confirmation requests. Choose Yes if you want WorldClient to send read confirmation automatically whenever you open a message that requests it, and choose Prompt if you want to be asked whether or not to send the read confirmation.

Message Deletion

This option controls how WorldClient will handle messages that you delete from the Message Listing. Choose "Move to Trash" if you wish to move a deleted message to the designated Trash folder. Choose "Flag as Deleted" if you wish to leave the message in the current folder but flag it as deleted by marking a line through  it. Depending on your Empty Trash on Sign Out setting below, messages in the Trash folder or flagged for deletion may be permanently deleted when you sign out.

Hide Deleted Messages

When "Flag as Deleted" is selected as your Message Deletion setting, check this box if you wish to hide the messages that are flagged. They will not appear in the Message Listing. To see any messages that are flagged as deleted you must first uncheck this option.

Empty Trash on Sign Out

Click this checkbox if you want your Trash folder to be emptied after you sign out of WorldClient. If you have chosen "Flag as Deleted" as your Message Deletion option above, then flagged messages will be purged, or permanently deleted.


Preferred Multipart Format

Sometimes an incoming message will be available in both plain text and HTML format (used for colors, fonts, bold text, etc.). When reading one of these messages, this is the format in which you want the message to be displayed.


This is only applicable to messages that are available in both formats. Messages that are available in a single format will be displayed in the format appropriate to the message.

List All Attachments

Whenever possible, WorldClient will display image and text file attachments inline as part of the message. All other attachments will be listed at the bottom. Click this option if you would like attachments that are displayed inline to be included in the list at the bottom as well.


Default Contacts View

Use this option to designate the contacts view that you wish to display when you click the Contacts link on the navigation pane or toolbar.

Contacts Per Page

This options sets the number of contacts per page that will be displayed in the contacts view. If you have a large address book, choosing to display many or all of the addresses at once will affect how long it will take to display the page.


Enable Forwarding

Enable the forwarding option if you wish to forward all of your incoming messages to another email address.

Retain Copy

Check this box if you wish to keep a copy in WorldClient of each message that you forward to the other address. Each message will be filtered normally.

Address you'd like to forward messages to

Specify the forwarding address here.

Time Zone

Use this option to choose the time zone that you wish to use for your messages and calendars.


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